MotoGP: Rossi kan missa de sista racen

Operationen skulle även skjuta testerna med Ducati ända till Sepang (Malaysia) i Ferbruari.

Här nedan kommenterar Valentino helgens race och axeln;

– This was a very difficult race for us; we had a lot of problems all weekend and I was very slow in the race. I had to try to arrive to the end but I couldn’t do better than sixth.

– All the Yamahas have suffered here but my shoulder problems made it even worse for me and this, combined with the problems with our package at this track, made it extra hard. It is both my shoulder and the bike here because in this track everybody on the M1 had some problems, including Jorge.

– The big problem for me s that I cannot ride like I want and we made a setting for the race for less pain and not for the best performance.”

– But even without pain I don’t have any more power, so it is not just a pain problem. My real problem is the power in the shoulder, not the pain.”

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