Video: Bänkning av elhoj

Mer om hojen hittar ni på och i den andra videon i ordningen.

Så här kommenterar Yates bänkkörningen och syftet med den samma;
– We had two goals – to put down maximum power to the dyno to see if everything is strong enough, and secondly to put down maximum speed to see if anything breaks at such high speeds.
– We succeeded and put the full 240 horsepower down in addition to hitting a top speed of 227 MPH. This is not the top speed of the bike in real world conditions with aerodynamic drag, but we do believe the true top speed to be extremely high and that is why we are running this gearing.
Yates kommer att köra hojen i den 89:e upplagan av Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Den legendariska tävlingen körs i Colorado i juni.

– For Pikes Peak, we will of course regear the bike for lower speeds comminsurate with the tighter course we will face.

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