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Sea to sky
Sunday Raceday 2 Published 2011-10-09

The mountain race starts on the beach and continues up the riverbed. We start 10 competitors at the time. My tactics is to take it easy, stay on the bike, and to take my time to find the best line so I won´t waste energy on falling over.

BANG! 10 riders takes off… Im the last one... But 8 out of  the 10 starters takes the wrong turn at the river bed and I suddenly end up to be one of the first riders!

A few miles up the rideble riverbed it changed into a impossable riverbed. The riders started to be creative and to find rideble route. Someone founds it easier to carry the bikes 2.5 meter up a stone wall than to ride around it. Everybody else choose to follow…. Some local heroes was there to help us with their manpower and ropes. Everybody helped out to get the bikes up.

The slippery sections of  “hell” on the way up the riverbed ended up with "The Wall" a "wall" of gravel and sand. Steep as hell with tons audience.

It’s a amazing feeling when Im in the middle of  a race, together with the best dudes in the world and I really don’t have anyting to do there…when I enter the wall I can hear  hundreds of people screaming my name! I'm terrified! And I follow my friends Michales advice, JUST HIT IT FULL ON! Im scared and my heart is pounding like crazy! Im met by a huge cheering when I reach the top of the wall.

It starts to rain. It becomes very slippery. Several technical, steep, rocky sections that require participants to help each other. We push, drag, sweat, we swear. To be abel to continue we just have to help eachother, otherwise we would be stuck.

Checkpoint 6 will give you a bronze medal, Checkpoint 11 a silver medal and if you reach the top of the mountain within 8 hours you´ll get the gold medal.

I travveled to Turkey with no expectations… I had no idea what I have gotten myself into.  Apparently there are some racing genes in this body and when the races began, there was no other alternative then to go “ALL IN”. My new goal was to reach the bronze medal.

The battery on my 450cc  is empty and it wont charge between the short troubble rocks that Im trying to beat.

The chain brakes and the bike is boiling over and over again.
Im about 300 meters before checkpoint 5 and the clutch brakes down. There is no other alternative but to leave the bike in the mountains and start walking towards the closest exit.

In a way I am relieved ... My body is totally beat and I still have some energy to go to the Sea to Sky party ;)

Im flying back to Norway tomorrow and I have no idea how my bike will get out of the forest! Thank you KTM guys... and sorry!

Totally 87 competitors, 2 girls. I ended up on 68th place. Hell yeah!

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