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English blog - Sea to Sky. "It's easy easy, just hit the gas FULL ON"

Sea to sky
Published 2011-10-08 1 day until start


Today I visited "The Paddock". That's where all participants have their service people, their big tent and all their motorcycles. It´s a large fenced parking in the center of Kemer.

Chris Birch is getting interviewd by media, Andreas Lettenbichler are sleeping on the back of a pickup and photographers are taking his pictures…

The youngest participant is not sponsored by scotch whiskey, Johnny Walker is his real name. Graham Jarvis and some other enduro pros are circulating in the paddock like moviestars, hounded by photographers and groupies.
A service guy at KTM shows me my racing bike. A KTM 450 in a pretty beat up condition. A bike that is about 30 kilograms more hevay that Im used to.

My friend Michael and I meet to try out my race bike. Whatever obsiticles I meet Michael gives me the same instructions "This shit is easy easy, just hit the gas full on, common FULL ON".

My starting numer is “33” and Im scared to death… what the hell have I gotten myself into!?



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