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English blog - Sea to Sky. Beach and forest race.

Sea to sky
Saturday, raceday 1

Beach race:

We parked our bikes on a straight line by the beach. All competitors waited 2o meters away from the bike, when we heard the START sound we ran to our bikes, started and took off.

 The entire course is in various forms of sand.

15 minutes + 2 laps and a goofy crash later, I get my results, number 44 of about 100 starters. Im pretty damn happy about that result, beeing one out of two girl.


Mountain race:

We start one by one, 30 seconds apart. The track is 39km long with 13 checkpoints.

The first part of the race goes through a concrete trench in the middle of Kemer.

Im at checkpoint 3, I am very tierd. I stopped several times to rest and to cool down.

Checkpoint 4 – I feel ok. I stop a lot, I drink, I eat chocolate, nuts, I drink more water, I get into the shade, I take off the helmet to get rid of the heat. I  find a scorpion. I drink more water.
Im on my way to checkpoint 5.

After several crashes and heavy passages, there is nothing left to me…. I'm in the middle of the woods, exhausted, my body is boiling…

I stop every 10 meters to breathe, drink, cry and to cool down. I am totally exhausted and I´m afraid that I will not get out of the forest befor my body shuts down from the heat.
It´s a steep downhill with rolling stones, I walk the bike with the engine switched off in first gear and brakes with the clutch. This is not fun anymore.
After a few hundred meters, I see the white flag, which means Im close to the next checkpoint.
As I reached the checkpoint 5 I have reached the rock bottom. A organistation doctor puts me in the shade, gives me cold water and looks after me.

Tears are falling from my chin, my body shaking.

Slowely I ride back to the paddock, the wind in my face makes me cool down but afraid to to faint from exhaustion and heat stroke. My head spins and I ride in walking speed afraid to get hurt from the crash if I faint.
I reach the paddock and the KTM team is taking such good care of me. They take my bike, put a chair under my boutt and give me a ice cold Red Bull. I stay In that chair for at least one hour…

My body is beat and bruced.

It´s time to hit the sack, “Mountain race” is tomorrow.
Lisa =)


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